We are doing things a little differently, so we expect that you will have some questions. If you do not see the answer to your question here, feel free to contact us at info@coreconcepts.com


Who is Core Concepts and why was it formed?

Core Concepts was founded by our small team of young driven construction and real estate professionals who saw the need for higher quality and durability buildings products for homes and businesses at a far more reasonable price. Taking our nearly two decades of experience in custom-building and selling homes, we learned the process for manufacturing and procuring the materials we relied on so heavily in our everyday business and focused not only on improving the design and functionality, but also on delivering it cost effectively to reduce the price to our customers, you!

Why "Core"?

The products we take pride in offering you are the core of every home and business. They are what you and your guests see and appreciate when enjoying your home or office and we want to make these highlights the best they can be. We also believe strongly in green living and protecting this magnificent earth for all families and generations to come, and our ultimate mission is to create and design smart, sustainable and energy-efficient products that foster a healthy natural lifestyle and preserve our environment, to the core.


How do I care for and clean my Core SPC flooring?

It couldn't be easier - no heavy-duty tools or cleaners needed! Simply vacuum or sweep regularly to remove debris, and use a damp (not wet) mop or towel to wipe up any spills immediately. If needed, you can use a mild non-abrasive floor cleaner but clean warm water typically works great. Also please be sure not to use the beater bar when vacuuming to prevent any potential scratches or dents.
Cleaners or tools to avoid:

  • Vacuum beater bar
  • Hot water
  • Steel wool or anything abrasive
  • Harsh or ammonia-based cleaners and chemicals

How do I care for my Core Cabinetry?

Cabinet care shouldn't be a chore. Core Cabinets are easily maintained with routine dusting and wiping down with a soft cloth slightly dampened with warm water. A mixture of water with a small amount of mild soap can be used if needed. Finish with a fresh soft towel to dry all surfaces.


What is your return and satisfaction policy?

We mean it - your satisfaction is our priority and our policy backs it up. We're committed to offering the highest level of quality and consistency in our products. If you're not satisfied with your product or purchase, please contact us within 30 days of delivery to tell us about the issue and provide us with a photo if applicable. We will work with you closely to determine the best course of action for you and refund your purchase or replace your order. Please note there may be some instances in which we cannot issue replacements or refunds, but we always promise to do our best to take care of you.

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